Your local food source
serving Siouxland and surrounding areas
Hello from High Land Hills. We are glad that you found our website.

​​High Land Hills is a small-scale, pasture based, sustainable, family farm located in
​Northeast Nebraska. Our mission is to produce meat that is good for our bodies,
​good for the animals and good for the land.

Truly sustainable livestock farming requires the use of a pasture-based system.
​Pasture-raised animals  roam freely in their natural environment where they're able
​to eat nutritious grasses and other plants that their bodies are adapted to digest. In
​addition to dramatically improving the welfare of farm animals, pasturing also helps
​reduce environmental damage, and yields meat, eggs, and dairy products that are
​tastier and more nutritious than foods produced on factory farms.​​

When you buy pastured meat, you're not only taking a step to safeguard your health,
​protect the environment, and improve animal wellbeing, you're also supporting
​sustainable farming and the farmers who choose to practice it. Small, local family
​farmers are invaluable members of the nation’s rural communities and play a key
​role as stewards of the land.

We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for supporting local farms!!!​​